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Cream of Crab, French Onion, Beef Barley
Duck Flatbread-Crispy crust topped with a creamy cheese spread, sweet red onion jam highlighted with a house made duck confit finished with fresh thyme and lemon zest…11
Coconut Shrimp-Gulf shrimp battered in sweet coconut, fried to a golden brown served with sassy orange sauce for dipping…8
Garlic-Butter Steak-Bistro tenderloin tips seasoned, char-grilled to your liking tossed in fire braised garlic-butter laced with green onions served with basmati rice 1 side…20
Stuffed Chicken Oskar-Boneless chicken breast stuffed with crisp asparagus and lump crab seasoned to perfection, oven roasted finished with sauce bearnaise 1 side…22(limited)0
Island Mahi-Mahi-Fresh fillet of mahi bronzed with Cajun spices, pan seared to perfection showcased with a pineapple-orange salsa laced with shrimp and fresh cilantro 2 sides…23
Pork Porterhouse-12oz bone-in pork chop seasoned, grilled to perfection served atop sweet potato-kale hash finished with bourbon-cranberry pan jus 1 side…18
Veal Marsala-Veal scallopini, pan seared to perfection with shallots, mushrooms, and garlic in a rich marsala pan sauce 2 sides…17
Open Faced Pot Roast-Slow roasted beef top round of beef, pulled served atop grilled sour dough bread with onion-bacon jam, provolone cheese finished with a rich beef gravy garnished with green onion accompanied with fries…13
Coleslaw, Mashed Potatoes, Applesauce, Onion Rings, Baby Field Green Salad W/ Blood  Orange Vinaigrette, House Salad, Red Beet Egg, Baked Potato,
  Buttered Bacon Brussels Sprouts, Macaroni Salad                            
Beck’s Ice Cream, Tiramisu, Butterscotch Cake, Apple Pie, Chocolate PB Cake,                                           Fresh Berry Cheesecake Trifle 


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